My Favorite Five Friday — Volume 1

I’ll admit, this week I may have overbooked myself…

I said “Yes” to too many things and now my plate is not just full, but carrying so much weight that the plate itself just may crack. At times like these, I have a desire to just stare at a wall rather than coming up with purposeful steps towards tackling my To-Do list. My problem, I’ve come to realize, is that I think too “big picture”. I’m not just thinking a day or a week in advance, but whole months or sometimes even years down the line. It’d be so much easier if I could just focus on today, but my brain loves to nag me about how every small action corresponds to some greater longer-term goal that I need to chip away at. Sometimes it’s good to have a wider perspective like this– I mean, one must at least attempt to decipher some sort of clear long-term vision for themselves, right?– but sometimes, it’s just plain exhausting. So, at times like these, I find it incredibly helpful to mindfully concentrate on the little things.

Welcome to my newest feature, “My Favorite Five Fridays”. Every week I will discuss a different series of five products that I love, that give me some peace and joy when I’m feeling anxious, and products you might be interested in owning yourselves.

Little things can make a big difference.

“Breathe Well” Aromathreapy Inhaler


This little vessel of heaven conveniently fits in my purse or my pockets and I have literally been carrying it with me everywhere since I received it in my August Therabox package. Founded by a husband and wife team with a passion for helping others, Meadow Sense offers all sorts of natural products from cleaning supplies to jewelry, including tons of self-care goodies. The Breathe Well Aromatherapy Inhaler calms my racing thoughts with a mix of Sweet Orange, Eucalyptus, Opopanax, and Tea Tree essential oils. While you’re shopping their online store, check out Molly Stewart’s blog!

Do Yoga Recycled Journal


I knew I wanted to start journaling again, but I just didn’t “feel like it” barely ever. I know from previous experience that journaling in the first five minutes after I wake up or right before I go to sleep (or both!) can set my day off right and/or help me fall asleep faster. I think of journaling as a dump yard for all thoughts that I want to get out of my head so I can create space. After a few weeks of resistance, I figured that the problem was I wasn’t excited to use my current notebook that was already cluttered with everything from grocery lists to yoga flows. I decided I needed a new journal and I found the perfect solution at Yoga Outlet’s online store. I love it because it gives me a vibrant and positive blank canvas. Plus, it’s recycled!

Tell Me ‘Pout It Hydrating Lip Mask


Frustratingly enough, even after leaving Philadelphia and coming back to notoriously humid as hell Middle Tennessee, my lips are still dry. Always. Aside from attempting to consume more than the doctor recommendation of water a day, I’ve been looking for a product that will hydrate my lips and give me some sort of relief from perpetual “chappiness”. Masker Aide‘s lip mask was another Therabox find. This mask not only leaves my lips feeling smooth, lipstick ready and–dare I say–kissable, but I swear it actually does what most “lip plumpers” don’t: it plumps your lips for days. Not kidding. Days.

Vera Bradley Stationary Set


I know you’re thinking, “Vera Bradley?? Aren’t you fancy?” But actually, you can get wild patterned, bursting with colorful happiness stationery sets for about 20 bucks (Shhhh! It’s always cheaper on Amazon!). Not bad, in my opinion. At the risk of sounding like Should-Have-Retired-Twenty-Years-Ago-English-Professor-That-Lives-Alone-With-Her-Twelve-Cats kind of person, letter writing is truly a dying art. It’s sad because how COOL is it to get a piece of mail that’s not a bill? It’s really freaking exciting! Writing a letter just for fun, and not because it’s someone’s birthday and you’re sending them an obligatory Hallmark card, is refreshing, a touch whimsical, and I promise is guaranteed to make someone’s day.

Veise Pore Perfection Mask


Once again, this is a product I was introduced to by Therabox (can I just be their spokesperson? Talk about a #dreamjob). I’m trying to be better to my skin and take the time to do a face mask about twice a week. What I love about this particular mask? Well, I have pores the size of Texas. You could literally fall in them. This mask–first of all, is a very pleasing “Elphaba Defying Gravity” shade of green–removes dead cells that clog your pores and leave your skin looking dull. Another thing I love–I’ve used several Veise products and they’ve never irritated my skin because they are clean inside and out. I used to think my skin would either simply be clear or angrily hosting unwanted acne. After I began to use this mask on a regular basis, however, I realized that there actually is a difference in “bright, luminous” skin–like in those face wash commercials–and tired-looking lifeless skin that needs a boost.

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