My Favorite Five Friday — Volume 3

Hello, Beautiful! Happy Favorite Five Friday!

My goal this week has been to focus on gratitude.

I’ve had a lot of ups and downs this week. Highs include: bonding with my sweet dog, finally somewhat establishing a new routine, decorating my apartment, and for the first time in forever (Yes, that Frozen reference is always intentional), actually making time for my budding and existing friendships.


Lows include: having to learn the hard way that crating a new dog is necessary (and not cruel, but safe), a mild “Oh my god can I actually afford to live on my own?” budget panic, and a brief episode of crying in a public place… even at our strongest, sometimes those emotional triggers sneak up on us like ninjas. Flip flopping between extreme highs and extreme lows is nothing short of absolutely exhausting.

“And I can’t be running back and forth forever between grief and high delight.”

–J.D. Salinger, Franny and Zooey

So, what’s been working for me lately? Actively turning my attention towards gratitude. By redirecting my mind to what’s right, I can usually avoid delving deeper into that danger zone where the Mind Monsters start throwing darts at my happiness, blinding me with what’s wrong. Here are some of the small pockets of sunshine that helped me appreciate what’s important

Gratitude Jar


I received this adorable gratitude jar in my Therabox just last week and it was truly perfect timing! Every night before I wide down for bed, I jot down a quick little something that I’m grateful for that day. This practice is especially helpful on a dreary day because it forces the brain to come up with something, even if it’s as small as “I’m grateful that I left a little early from work today and didn’t have to sit in traffic”. It just goes to show that there’s is always something and no day is a complete wash.

“Fill in the Love” Postcards


I don’t even know where to start when it comes to naming all the kind and selfless individuals that showed me grace and compassion over the last two weeks. For real though– I am truly blessed that people came out of the woodwork when I thought I was at my loneliest. I’ve been wrestling with a way to truly pay it forward and how to express my gratitude to these people who gave up their time and resources to help pick up the pieces. These postcards from Knock Knock are a cute and clever solution to a very good problem to have… Friends and readers that stood by my side through Break Up Week (AKA Phoenix Week), check your mailboxes!

Jane Eyre Print by StrengthOfCharacter


Speaking of paying it forward… designer, Phillip, from the Etsy shop StrengthOfCharater, truly made my day earlier this week. As mentioned in this week’s installment of Halo Top & Literature Hideaway, Jane Eyre gave me so much strength and empowerment during this difficult transition into Strong As Hell Single Woman-ness. Naturally, when it came time to decorate my new castle, I sought out artwork from this gorgeous novel. Philip had just the right print– brilliantly displaying Jane’s courageous words in a modern font that just so happens to work nicely with the color scheme of my new living room. But the magic didn’t stop there– out of sheer kindness, Philip included an extra Brontë sister print, completely free of charge. Philip– you’re a superstar and I will totally order from you again and again. Do yourself a favor and check out his Etsy shop!

Silver Picture Frames from Marshalls


Was I the last person on Earth to realize that Marshalls is like the most exciting place on Earth? I was so intensely grateful when my aunt and uncle sent me one of my first pieces of mail at the new place– a housewarming card that included a gift card to HomeGoods! I went straight to Marshalls and completely geeked out in the home decor section. These sparkling frames hold photos of loved ones and bring more love and light to my home.

“Orange You Sweet” Lip Balm by

Meadow Sense


Another product from my new favorite company, Meadow Sense! Made with Coconut Oil, Beeswax, Vanilla Infused Jojoba Oil, Shea Butter and Sweet Orange Essential Oil, this soothing lip balm has the most delicious citrus smell and calms my ever-chapped lips. I’m super grateful that this company puts so much heart and soul into handcrafting their products. Every time I purchase something from them, it feels like they made it especially for me!

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