Uninvited by Lysa TerKeurst Paired with Mochi Green Tea Halo Top

If my Amazon cart could talk, it would say…

Uninvited– frequently purchased with Godiva chocolates and bulk-sized Kleenexes in the “Break-Up Recovery Bundle”.

Only I didn’t purchase this wonderful read for myself in the midst of an Amazon binge… I didn’t even know how essential this book was going to be to my journey in relationship recovery until it was gifted to me by a dear friend and woman I adore. Go read Let’s Talk About God if you want some background on my boss, Nicole– the gift-giver of these words that radically aided my transformation from Unwanted Victim to a woman who is now–gratefully–learning to live loved.



My reaction to this book in three emojis:


Dove Emoji: For me, the biggest theme of Lysa’s gut-wrenchingly honest stories is that God’s grace is bigger than whoever you think you are and bigger than whatever may have happened to you. As I poured over these pages, the idea of giving grace to myself–a very foreign concept to me– began to emerge from some place deep, deep inside. Grace is an intentional practice that I can become better at. I can strengthen my grace muscles just like I can strengthen my biceps. I should and can have grace for myself. I can have grace for the version of myself that I used to be. Instead of feeling ashamed of myself, I can have grace and know that at the time, I was only doing the best I could with what I had because I didn’t know any better. Lysa’s stories also reminded me that grace is a much lighter a weight to carry than resentment. Grace doesn’t mean that whoever hurt you is “off the hook” and it doesn’t excuse abusive behavior, but it does allow us all an opportunity to move forward without bitterness.

Gift Emoji: The princess party company that I work for does weekly “drops” where we meet each other to exchange party supplies and costumes. This week’s drop wasn’t out of the ordinary except for the fact that inside my costume bag, situated between the bright pink of Sleeping Beauty’s ballgown and the glint of a gold tiara, was a brand new copy of Uninvited. It still had the striaght-off-the-shelf new book smell. Since this book was a gift from Nicole, I have had the urge to rapid-fire recommend it to as much people as possible and “gift them” with this life-altering perspective. Everyone that I love needs this book. Everyone that has been shaped by rejection needs this book. Everyone that has yet to give themselves permission to heal needs this book. Everyone that wants a reminder of how treasured they are in the eyes of God needs this book. Is it extreme of me that I want to buy like 50 copies of Uninvited and gift them out whenever the desire strikes? Possibly. However– I may do it anyway.

Rejection Emoji: Rejection is a hard pill for me to swallow. You’d think that after pursuing a career in theatre, I’d have tougher skin by now and that the act of another person passing me up wouldn’t sting so much… You’d think… but I’m also a highly sensitive person. And probably more importantly than that, I’m only human. Rejection hurts and there is no way around it. It hurts when you don’t get the job or when you were denied a promotion but what really hurts is when after suffering rejection that is supposed to be chalked up to “nothing personal”, you also feel rejected by those you love. What’s so special about Uninvited is that for the first time I was able to reflect back on what I’d been through– I was able to relive the memories of all the times I had been told “No” or felt not good enough– and instead of feeling like garbage, I acknowledged that rationally, those rejections say ABSOLUTELY NOTHING about my character or self worth.

My Favorite Moment:

The last several pages are SO unbelievably valuable because Lysa puts every passage of scripture she used throughout the book in an organized chart. I’ve utilized these pages as a quick resource guide for a spark of inspiration any time I feel like I might be spiraling into an ugly mental state again.

My Favorite Quote:

No person’s rejection can exempt me from God’s love. Period. No question mark.

Halo Top Pairing…

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