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First and foremost, my name is Gina D’Arco. I’m from a lot of different places. I’m an introvert who works hard not to apologize for it. I’m a collector of experiences and literature enthusiast. I love coffee and the color pink. I’m sensitive and silly. I’m a daughter and a friend and a sister and a dog mom, an artist, a want-to-be Disney princess, writer and recovering people-pleaser. But first and foremost, my name is Gina D’Arco and I didn’t always love my name. In fact, when I was a kid, I hated it. Whenever I played pretend with friends or alone with my Barbies, I would give myself the most normal name I could think of– something unassuming, something that couldn’t be misspelled or converted into an embarrassing joke by middle school imbeciles, and for God’s sake– something without that apostrophe that everyone always forgot or put in the wrong place. Gina means “queen” and D’Arco means “arrow”, but for most of my coming-of-age years, I was not a fierce, queenly warrior, but something closer to “not good enough”.

I started this blog because I was tired of viewing myself as weak and as a person constantly just short of hitting the mark; a person that people ask to repeat herself when she introduces herself because they didn’t hear or believe her the first time. This blog is an experiment in vulnerability and reclaiming my strength. It’s an attempt at wholehearted honesty, imaginative thinking, getting wonderfully lost, and finding connections along the way. In my posts you will read about my faith walk and how I navigate through a life that is often burdened by anxiety and depression. No secrets here! I hope you enjoy and find community–or at least a bit of truth–in these words.

Thanks for visiting.